played with calf long hair today

by arcan


I had the most dreamy morning today... I visited a friend of mine at her office.. and God knows how it happened, I think it must have been the May in the air or something... she locked the door, undid her super-long calf-length and very thick dark-blonde hair... and we played for several hours.. I enjoyed her hair in every possible way .

I can't think of what I could ask for more regarding long hair any more - she has the most beautiful and longest hair I'd ever seen including the many pics on the net. She's a goddess! In a way, this was long hair nirvana - there 's no further I can go, nothing more I can wish for. It's sad, in a way

Just wanted to share the joy here


(btw this _really_ did happen, I've got talent for fantasies, but this was real)