Re: Reason:

by Anya

That's what it said on the ezboard's page...

What the hell does that mean?

***It means they shut it down because posting passwords is like, um, gee.............. ILLEGAL...hello?????? If they don't shut it down or handle the situation in some way after someone reports it, they're opening themselves up to a lawsuit.

I guess someone monitors the posts WE make which is just like grade school to me...come on, a 50 year old man, sorry pc for revealing your age, hehe shouldn't have to have HIS website monitored by anyone...

***It's a forum, not HIS site. He doesn't own it, he was basically 'renting space'. And yes, forums are monitored more frequently than you may think because no one wants to get their asses jailed for illegal content; for example, child porn, scat, etc. They have every right to monitor their boards.

I guess you have to fork out ALOT OF EXTRA money to have YOUR OWN DOMAIN for EXTREME PRIVACY!

***No, it's not about money, it's about what's legal and what isn't. And there's no such thing as extreme privacy on the internet. Don't kid yourself there.

BOTTOM LINE, why can't people just leave other people's privacy alone?


***Same could be said for posting passwords, eh? It's ILLEGAL. Just as illegal as if I saw your car sitting in front of your house and try the handle to discover it's unlocked. Does that give me the right to wire it up and take it for a joy ride and let my friends do the same? NO. Intellectual property is still property under the law. You can be fined and still serve time.

YES, we were illegally using passwords, but shit, it's inside "closed doors" so to speak just like when a husband beats his wife behind closed doors...that's no one's business what goes on in their household...that's THEIR PRIVACY!!!

***Please tell me you're really NOT this stupid and/or cold hearted.

Sorry ninja for ranting on your board, but I figured you'd like to know what's up!

***Ninja knows what's up, which is why he deleted your pw posts here. He doesn't want to lose his forum over illegal crap like that.

Another thing to keep in mind... all the sites some of you guys are visiting using stolen pw's can see your IP's and track them very quickly. Their logs/stats are proof enough to your ISP to have your service terminated, should the webmaster decide to report you.