Whyed ya delete the passwords

by fetishforlonghair

That wasnt very smart they werent even direct linked from this site...they had "hxxp" so there would be no trace to here...That had the most long hair out of any other link on this site...

Your loss i'll keep em to myself and other niggaz at pc's, the place to be

Where long hair fetishes are quenched like hi-c

We have 60 on there, we're elite to the bone

We all stick together, in a pack, we aint alone

Our taste for the silky and the softness is great

Come on, ya'll know that we all masturbate

When we find what we like, it goes to the max

Galleries are fine, but give props to the hacks

Cuz they get shit, that's never disappointing

Pc is the man, but he has been appointing

Some gladiators like me who keep an eye out for shit

Like lurkers who bitch, but their posts stay at zip

Scratch each others back is the motto for us

Find hair for you, in return we will discuss

How your ass will pay, but the bottom lines still

Whyed ya delete the passwords, at pc's i'll stay til...