by pc

who am i 2 complane,,BUTT,,:

my pointer is flickering

tryed 2 copy steve's joke reply and

the scroll-up was real slow

the links iv'e been 2 are not darkined

[i'm lost if i have to use my memory]

i click the litte "+",,2 sea replys

[replies not darkeded, either] and i have to

klick it again and again 2 chech 4 new replys

no,, wait ,, r the visited links a little lighter?

looking a little closer i sea=

lip-tracks[where's the towel]

olive green=not surfed

light blue=surfed

really,,Ninja,,i do thank you 4 all

the time involved. time is soooo valueable.

to give it 2 your friends is __________________

[sumtimes,,words r understatments]