Leona and I are....

by Anya Website: Anya

... moving to California to be married. Yes, I finally talked her into it; she's leaving Mr. L to be my bride!!! Rainbow

For the ceremony, I personally think we'd look great in the kind of tuxedos that the guys in Dumb & Dumber wore... you know, the orange and blue ones? I think Leona should wear the blue one, she looks smashing in blue! Thumbs Up

I'm just kidding, we're not really getting married.... but maybe someday *sigh* Sad

We were talking on the phone earlier about things and about how much we love having long hair & how much we love guys who love long hair, and she put me in a great mood, so I wanted to share it! Laughing

I love you, Woman! Kiss Kiss I can't wait to see you in Sept!!