Re: Help - stupid friends & long hai

by SuzukiRcr

Thanks friends for advicce and thoughts

I just spoke to her, she smile and say something about split ends and promise it will be trim only. Ok we will see. why split ends what is cause why do u have to cut, maybe i ask her that but she might think i freak!

salon bitches with bitch scissors.

No...I will not love less if she cut it! But i find it very turn-on when time for sex, long hair very sensual and feminine yes? also just after shampoo its long and straight and soft and after dry-time is blown everywhere which is good.

Cannot deny that human male need visual feedback for turn why reason for forum like this?

she tell me i look best with short hair so i keep short and i like loghairs on her so she gorws it. I just be annoyed when people tell her "chop it off" bitches ! they r jealous - all of them have short hair or spoilt hair becase they use colours and chemcals. my gf 100% untreated natural.

thank u friends for reply and may all females in your lives have long hair , this I wish for all the long hair lovers!