Help - stupid friends & long hair

by SuzukiRcr

Hi ,

I desperate for advice from the long hair lovers. When I meet my girlfriend in 2003 her hair was a man-cut very short above ears. Soon she realise my love of long hair and she grew it 4 me.

Now is just about breast-lenght and I encourage her to gorw it till butt.

But sometimes when we go out her friends they say "Tishani u looked better with short hair, cut it all off." I am so angry when her stupid bitch friends say these things.

How to tell her not to cut? What to say? WHy other women say these things is not THEIR hair?! bitches.

Also one more thing - what is this trimming thing...why does she keep going for trim...she cuts more and more off the end. Stupid salon people cutting her hair.

Please advice me long hair lovers I afraid for my gfs long straight hair Sad

Ok thanks for reading sorry my english and boring post

thank u