Re: free adds

by old critical street cat Website: Woman and Art

yes and no. Yes : the last weeks there is a lot of spam stuff coming to the visitors. And I have fulminated quite often against this thrash.

On the other hand : I think the moderator does his best to remove 'spam' (childrens porn) and spam. And he does. Quite soon. I think it is not easy to moderate a site like this one. There is no spam filter. And I think it takes some work to delete every spam mess age. My group (Woman And Art) is not to large. And it is another kind of group. But there are quite some pix of nice-haired ladies in it. And I have to filter a lot of spam (and of course 'spam'). OK, mine is moderated. But I still have to delete every spam mess. And believe me, my dear, there is a lot to delete.

So the only thing he can do is filter every contribution. Which is not a simple job, considered the heap of messages coming into his group.