I'll say it

by FreddyMac272

Damn, man, yru such a crybaby? Cry

I saw ur post b4 it was removed. Took 10 minutes to load the page! Sorry, I have dialup. Remember when u had dialup? Then it was okay 4 u to bitch about the 75% of ppl who couldn't wait for such large posts 2 load. now that u hit the bigtime it's screw the rest of us I guess. Angry

also dude, your post was off-topic. i saw only 1 longhair pic, which you have posted various places probably 2,000 times. download links for the incredible hulk movie? and download links to rip off Sex in the City movie? wtf?? that took u 2 hrs? sorry, I don't believe you.

had it not been u that posted that reply, then U certainly would have marked it spam.

get over it

Kitty Kat