Re: Sum frum pc's links

by pc

tyler tx is 100 miles south. 85 degrees is a cold front.

ussually 85 at night and 105 degree days in july/aug.

when you git ready to move that refrigerator,,i'll hold the door.

how bout sending me those doria pics. i only have 2,,well,,

i did have 1 of her standing by her car,,BUTT,, it's lost in my

files because i didn't no her name, then.

i mailed lnghr111 those 2, 2.

i hope everyboody thanks valerie for the pic.

she's sooooooooooooo fine.

i'm working on a cover-page-pic 4 her.

glad u enjoyed my mega-post. those gifs were cool, huh.

life is good