and ''help'' i will

by pc

I have been unable to find any videos regarding a man smelling female hair in sex..

can u please help me in finding this??

any yahoo group that show this??

or i have to make my own hair smelling group??

please HELP


i'm th¿nk n:

a phew of these indian clips, that are being posted, have 'smelling' and

i'm shore i have a few pix like that,,BUTT,,not a folder for them and

it wood take years to look at my pix/clips and sort out the 'sniffing' ones and

then,,it wood,,only,,b a phew...

note: we can not post ''the girls'' pix and that woodbe most of mine.

[partman,,do u no whair ur sniff pix are?]

i do file name good 'touching' pix, that a search wood find.

udder file names put on end of original name= WOW,,wow,,mirror,,red,,perfect and

i'v started putting poster's name on the ends.

instead of putting anya's pics in her folder,,frum way back when

i had a 'names' folder with sub-folders,,i add her name to the

file name and search my pooter when i need to relaxxx

i'm th¿nk/rambull n:

yahoo groups are a thing of the past. they hit you with lots of ads and

cumpress the original pix,,xxxept for mods and i could go on n on...

forums are where it's at. i wish all longhair lovers knew where to find

my forum and this one. maybe then,,we could form sub-groups/forums [i could do that]

BUTT 4 now

juzz surf hair [n PCs]

i'm ram-bull-n:

some posters,,around phpBB type forums, where the postsssssssssss

jump back to the top when they get a reply, keep a 'theme' going.

this wood work for a ''sniffing longhair'' thread...

you/fans could save2fav the post link and add to it,,whenever.

xxxample frum one of PCs best posters:

xxample: at a private forum,,eyez zurf,,,the 'pornstar0s beach babe' thread is 147 phpBB forum pages long. 10 multi set posts to a page..........

[he started it in 04 and adds gr8 sets weekly]

ok,,nuff said...juzz,, my ¢¢


now showing @ m m milton twins