You're right!

by thepaddy

frequently the usualness sneaks into my mind ~ I'm cosseted in so many points, BUT - nevertheless its like kinda spam of Ruby.


Samantha of "Lolsh" or Marianne (a tv-contribution shows, that she's working in a laboratory !!!!) ~ both of them have free photos or care sharing lil previewvideos ~ updated sometimes.

they allure the user in a logical way and don't say

"hey, I have updated some nice stuff, you can't look at anyway, EXCEPT YOU'RE A USER, WHO WANTS TO PAY FOR SOMETHING, YOU MAYBE REGRET...OOPS, had said it loud? o.o"

it's like spam, ya know?

and yes - respect to any of the ladies, who are there in this big world - creating such great sites with enough free-stuff like me.

porn - and money-makin' o.o

to have a lil tryst with somebody in reality - ok, you have to pay.

but for photos with naked women?

ONLY because we have a longhairfetish (and it limits the girls) and maybe the "sex drive" of men ~ no, thanks - they're more in this world to spend money - more important things (;

60's, 70's - I think, if promiscuity would be present again - this shit, won't earn much money o.O