Indian long hair story

by Longhairmaverick

I found this story ...this is a good long hair Indian story .....hope u guys like it ...

Hi.This happened last New Year Eve.My wifes best friend is Leena.She is quite average looking with a figure of 34D –32-40

One of here best feature is her hair. It lovely long hair which fall below her waist. We have known each other for quite a number of years.

We had arranged for a New year Eve party where total 4 couples and kids were there. Leena looked lovely in her saree and had kept her hair loose. Everyone was having a good time. The drinks and food was flowing and everyone was enjoying them selves.

It had just gone midnight and everyone was wishing each other New Year greeting. I went over to her to wish her and she asked me what my New Year resolution was. Having had a few drinks in whispered ‘’ HAVING YOU ‘’ and we both laughted. Thinking it as a joke I thought no more about the incident.

Having had a few drinks I wanted to use the toilets but there was someone using it so I decided to go outside have some fresh air and a smoke. Within a few min my mobile rang. It was Leena asking where I was. I told her where I was. I was having a !! at the back of the house and I heard some noise behind me. Still holding my cock I turned around and Leena was stood there in front of me. She came towards me and told me she was thinking about what I had said to her and all these year she had wanted me. She grabbed hold of my cock and started to kiss me. She whispered she needed me now. Holding my hands she took me behind the house. She put her hands on the railing and asked me to lift her saree, as she was not wearing anything under it. It was only a small light and could just about make out her lovely ass. She spread her legs and bend over. Take me now she said. Have me she said. I put my hands between her legs and it was all-smooth. I could feel her wet city’s started playing with it but she said there was not much time. Make this first time quick she said. Lowering my trousers my 6’’ cock just glided into her lovely wet pussy. I got hold of her hair and like a horse started pumping into her. Pulling her hair as I pumper.Ahhh she said. Give me more. Keeping doing it like you doing now. It feels so good when you pull me by my hair. She was holding tight the railing and it pushing her ass into me. Ohh Leena how much I have wanted you I said. Me too she said. I am all yours. Pulling her I kept pumping into her. Leena I have to cum into you I whispered. Yes I want your load now. With one hand I hold her hair and with the other I slap her ass. Ahh quick give me your load. I empty my load into her and pulled my cock out. She turned around and got on her knees and licked all the cum. All this did not take more then 5 min. She quickly lowered her saree went back into the house. I followed. It seems nobody had missed us. We all went to Bed very late. Next morning when once we were along I thanked her for a great fuck. She said she enjoyed it too and hope we get another chance.

Since then yes we have had some more sexy encounters.