Re: Re: New Vid posted on Foxy's Blog

by Anya

Hi forwardwash Kiss

I did do some shampooing in the new video, but I had my head leaned back and not forward. I was in a whirlpool tub (jets off at the time---can't sit in one of those with the jets on with long hair!) and had Jim shampoo my hair that way. I think the only way I could do a forward wash is standing up because the weight of my hair when it's wet, plus adding shampoo/conditioner, makes it much heavier and puts a lot of strain on the neck. A long time ago I did some WAM stuff using cake batter & had my hair fully saturated and good grief! The weight was so great, the strain on my neck was outrageous. There was also a shoot I did in NM with another girl where I was leaning back w/my hair going over a small spillway, she was on top of me, the current was pulling my hair down the spillway. It looked really pretty and the water wasn't moving too fast but my goodness, the strain of trying to keep my neck up really took a toll on me in the days that followed. Those sort of instances really taught me to be super careful with how I work my head & neck. Straight Face

But, if it's any consolation at all, I did end up giving Jim a soapy hair job in the new video Innocent Angel