by 2d1

Hi beautiful!!

Video! Hummmmm. Although I think your whole body is gorgeous I tend to agree with L.

Now my input:

* Have fun Laughing

* Be creative Cool

* Have a plan

* Make sure the shot is in focus (basic but there is a lot of bad video out there)

* Make sure the shot is properly exposed, this has to do with the lens iris not the amount of clothing being worn (basic but……)

* Make sure the shot is properly framed (basic but….)

* Make sure the camera is white balanced, I don’t think your skin is blue so it shouldn’t look that way in the video (basic but…)

* Don’t try to create action by constantly zooming and panning, prevent this by having a plan (basic but….)

* Use a tripod at least part of the time, I can’t see you if the cam is constantly shaking like a nervous habit

* Light it properly, unless you’re shooting with a $150,000 HD cam video only has about one tenth the contrast ratio of film, I see a lot of washed out video out there, it’s hard work wasted because people shot using the same light setup for their film still shots as their video shots

* Use a good Codec: Divx looks great, Real looks great, Windows Media Player 9 doesn’t look quit as good but has a smaller file size than Divx and Real, don’t use Win Med Player 8 it doesn’t look good and the files are big, you can only get reasonable looking material out of QuickTime if you buy a pro Codec from Sorenson or some other Codec maker that supports QT, don’t waste your money unless someone will make QTs for you for the right price. There are other great Codec’s out there but this isn’t a Codec review so I’ll stop now.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!