Travel brochure?

by trichophile

According to Babelfish (chocolate sunburn??):

Leisure in the Crimea!

On nose the summer - wants to the sea...

there is nothing simpler and it is more complex.

Where to go?

Is certain into the Crimea - this and it is cheaper, and troubles it is less.

To merge with nature, to perceive solitude and rest, the smoke of bonfire and silence, the purity of water and salt of Black sea ...

In you the equipment for leisure on nature did not prove to be - it doesn't matter.

Arrive, and you will not be sorry.But we, in turn, will try to fence you from the excess troubles.

We propose excellent leisure in the tent camp on the shore of quite Black sea all to those desiring.One of the most beautiful places of the Crimea - reservation the "cape Of ayya" , where our campground is arranged/located.Place is famous by the presence of a large quantity of the thinnest plants, many of which are today carried into red knigu.Tak, for example, the pine tree Of stankevicha, yavlyayushchyuyusya endemikom of the Crimea, it is possible to meet only in two places in the world (the second it is located in the region of pike-perch).

Yet you do not want to vzgyanut'?

Being yearly located among the Crimean beauties and being occupied by different forms of tourism, we much saw and to much they learned.Today we are ready to be subdivided with this with you... to pass by quiet forest paths, to rise on the cliffs to the sky itself , to go down into the fresh caves of caves , to dip into the mysterious waters of Black sea , to be introduced to history and legends of the Crimea, to throw down excess kg., to find friends and to acquire outstanding chocolate sunburn, which can be better?..

What can be more cheaply???