4 Maliyah

by pc

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ALLRIGHT u got your portfolio page u^p [pop-up stopper off]

Xcuse my french,,BUTT,, DAMN, YOUR ATRACTIVE!!

those LIPPS,,those EYES,,that HAIR,,triple-dammm...

the wet shot was my favorite.

!!!!!!!Playboy August/2003!!!!!!!!

i'm so proud of you. like,,,realllly proud

haven't bought a playboy in years,,BUTT,, i am, this one.

your rez0may page was most inlightning

and fun to surf [links]

''guitar/piano''...me too

i must write you a song


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Anya really got on my case about promoting her site.

i sure hope you don't feel the same.

Let us know when this button will work

''JOIN=14.95 for 31 days, cancel anytime. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, personal checks or charge it to your telephone bill.''

i'll need a mailing address to send a check.

you could mail it to me in addvance, maybee??

buy 2,,get one free?? kiddin lol

[email protected]