How bout just leaving the internet

by Jdawg

You don't do this for long hair, pc. You do this for attention. Everything you do is designed for that one goal, to give your lame life some meaning. How dare you call 2 of the most beautiful and generous women when it comes to sharing their gorgeous long hair "troublemakers". Anya is as fine a woman as I've ever come across. They left because they are tired of your sick act. Who the hell do you think you are, anyway? If you'll notice, hardly ANY long haired women post here anymore and certainly not at your lame ass club. Gosh, I wonder why that is? Could it be because of some long winded, perverted jackass who doesn't respect women? Look in the mirror dude cause it's you.

And, I see yet again you posting pics of a very young girl on this site. You have some serious issues, pc. I for one certainly hope you don't post again where I'll have the misfortune of seeing it, but I have a feeling I'm not that lucky Confused