Please Read

by pc

^ that's my real e-mail if you want to talk about::

PCs calling:

hb and maarv and ninja and jerry and qawwal and 2d1

a short sob story 4 ya'll:

Dec and Jan, at ninja's, was BAD>!

it caused steve and tc to stop posting.

allmost stop lurking/surfing.

allmost lost the 2 best poster in the world.

I felt I had to do something,,QUICK!!

2-19-03 I started PCs forum.

i got with a host that requires registering.

I appointed 5 r 6 moderators and i have yet

to delete a post,,muchless banned anybody

or block a isp.

in almost 4 months there has been over 700 post.

i'm talkin longhair links post. and a little talk..

if a site trys to follow me, there,,it ends

up at

out of my pocket, 4 my friends, i'm paying

$30 for 6 months. a bargian,to me.

the dissadvantages, to me:

the replies are,,well,, you

have to open the post to see them,,BUTT,, the date/time

shows on main board, to last reply,,SEW,, you

hav'ta use your memory gland.

unless your good with html, you have to

use a image button to add pics. [links r auto]

bottom line [s]


i'm going to stop wasting time, surf more and

post at

serious surfer WELLCOME

I'm sorry i ran off Anya and Penny,,for ya'll,,BUTT,, not for me..

i felt they were trouble makers.

i'll just,,BUTT,,OUT,,frum now on