by pc

i saw this same link posted at SFT[forum]

it got 2 replys thanking him/jpents 4 all the link and

findable content [# surf, i guess]

[i ain't clickin it!]

these people don't post dialer links , i think.

it's a random thang. i use'ta think

it was directed at hotlinkers,,BUTT,, i

don't no, now. is a widely used host

that just put a couple of banners on a page

that people like you and me make.[sharing]

a lotta picleechin going down at SFT.

pages like jpents last a day r 2 then get

deleted 4 copyright violations.

Back to Topic:

if it is a random thang,, u should change your settings,

like i did.. cents,,i'v had 3 dialers open, with a couple of

pop-ups[to slow u down],,BUTT,, my ie refused to

download them without an OK frum me.

man, it works.

stupid, ino,,BUTT,, my virus protection is a '99 model and

i use NO firewall.[knock-on-wood]

my protection is CD backup. last virus/crash, in 2000, i dropped

my pc in the trash barrel[i burn my trash] and went and

got a $400 COMPAQ pc loaded with ME. 60gig hd

my point:

BACK-UP things u might need, just in case.

and i reiterate.

Use/Surf with these settings.

[frum my notepad[[that is backed-up]]]:

frum trich

settings to stop dialers

be4 any program downloads itself

a window ask u if u want to continue. click NO

click YES to allow active scripting[on zum pages]

note: blocking ip's , in most cases, is for repeat offenders. OK?

subnote: sea the second link at PCs for the HOLE SCOOP


subsubnote: sea my 'humbjob' post 4 a true 3zum story

and lot of LONGHAIR LINKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz...........