1971 Elizabeth Ashley Movie

by Hoosier

Can anyone else "of a certain age" recall the name of a made-for-t.v. move starring Elizabeth Ashley that aired during the 1971-1972 season (when I, myself, was of a younger and more impressionable age). In it, she played a guest on a ranch or something, where also resided a young man with a hair fetish of some sort.... Embarrassed Anyway, he also bred hawks, if I remember correctly, and at some point sets his birds of prey on the delectible Ms. Ashley. But, before that happens, there is a scene in which she is delightfully preening her long hair. Oh, the days before even VCRs! Every time it would be announced on the television schedule I would correspondingly plan to masturbate surreptiously to it. And now that I no longer have to worry about surveilance, I can't recall the name of this film. Was anyone else similarly affected by it? Do you recall the title of the film? Woman holding hands