U Tube India Beauties

by Tecra

I have always been a big fan of ladies from India. There beautiful

spoken English accents are unique in the world.

Most Beautiful in the world? She is certainly on my top list.

Beautiful Hair+Eyes - 4min+

Salon Related - 00:50

I am getting good vibes from the lady below. I know

her hair is beautiful cuz I can sense it.

Anyone have more of her outside da tube?

Tara Sharma - 00:11



note2pc: Eyez no see ur postings anymore? Jus a constant solicitation

4 ur forum. Gets a little annoyin to c 2many for the eyez. Sorry dude,

but ur form is (not4me) cuz all the gals are here. We gents here like

to take care of our gals here, treat dem like angels, support there sites,

and repect them like u want to b respected. Giving a rose to a gal is

cool. Putting e-bubble gum in their hair is not.

Stay cool...