My personal setup

by Redhairisthebest

I haven't gotten a virus or serious spyware for years because I use a router, Sygate Pro Firewall, Active Sunbelt Counterspy,

Javacool SpywareBlaster, Spybot & AdAware, & Avira AntiVir which updates every night. Firefox has custum add-ons for some of

these problem sites.

I use Adblock Plus for all of the problem ads:

Greasemonkey Scripting:

Scripts for Imagefap from:


to go directly to the images.

Also have scripts to unblock Flickr pics (no spaceball.gif) and the shampoo ads

And if I am really lazy then I'll fire up PicaLoader picture downloader, get on their forum where people ask "How do I suck all the images

off the" and a site admin will help you set it up.

Want to download video from YouTube, GoogleVideo, or IFilm:

Like searching for long hair pictures, you can search for the programs that can help you find them.