Very nice Hair fucking story from net

by wkkm28hair

This happened with my friend who is a long hair lover like me, let me narrate in his own words

My name is Feroze and I work in a multinational company at an executive level.. Ever since young age I am an extreme lover of long hair ladies , specially long thick braids and big thick buns. My wife has shoulder cut hairs, she is very pretty and has highly sexual figure but I miss long hair out of her.

This incident happened when my wife was about to deliver a baby. She was in the hospital. The day she delivered the baby boy I got call from the hospital and I rushed in my lunch break to visit her. All of my family members were already there and everybody was congratulating me . It was private room of the hospital, while we were all chatting and cheering , the cleaning lady of the room entered , I had a brief sight of her, she was dark complexion , average face and average height and wearing a saree. She without noticing any one started her work, she first went into the wash room for cleaning, when she was entering washroom I noticed a big bulge at the back of her had covered by the Pallu of her saree, I assumed a big bun behind the pallu of her saree, she disappeared for some time , my eyes kept waiting restlessly for her to come out. After some time she came out with pallu of her saree wrapped with her waste and what I saw clearly was a huge big thick bun hanging little loosely at the back of her neck, my heart beat was high and throat was choking seeing this jumbo size bun , I had never seen bun this big in my life so far, my eyes were stucked at her back for ever, I was not even paying attention to the family members in the room. She on the other side was busy with her work without noticing my hungry eyes starring at her back, she was displaying a good and erotic view of her bun while sweeping and mopping the floor and my cock was at its highest erection while seeing her bun at different angles. She then noticed me out of so many others starring at her, I was fighting my mind whether or not talk to her, finally I gave up and decided to take chance with her, I said goodbye to the family members that my lunch break is getting over and walked out of the room and waited for that sweeper lady in a corner, she too came out of the room after few minutes and walked toward another room , before she would enter another room I signaled her toward me, she quickly changed her path and came to me with a shy smile and asked me that are you the father of new born baby boy, I said yes, she congratulated me said few words for the long life and blessing of bay, I understood at once she was looking for some tip money. I took out my valet and gave her five hundred rupees, she was shocked with this much money given to her, probably expecting thirty or forty rupees, I then said that you are a very good cleaning lady and I am very happy with your work , she smiled and promised to give good service to my wife, I said that beside cleaning work I need some extra services from her if she could do so, she asked me what extra services with a big question mark on her face. I gathered my entire courage and told her that I am away from wife since last two months because of her pregnancy and now there is another about 40 days wait state till she recovers from her labor problems and its hard to wait any more now, is there any way she could give some extra services to relieve my self, with that I put my hand over my erect cock which was making a huge bulge under my pants, she suddenly noticed that big bulge in my pants and under stood every thing in a second. My heart was beating fast thinking what might be her reaction, I was afraid she might not get mad or yell at me. But she instead kept quite for a while then she spoke softly that you look like a big officer and also you look like much younger to me its better if you could find some modern nice looking lady for yourself. Her answer encouraged me and relieved , I insisted that I like her more than a modern young lady, she couldn’t believe it, but then she said that I am a poor lady and me and my husband work to support our family, if you could help me with my financial problems, I readily agreed, the lust for the huge bun she had was making me obey everything she said. She then asked me to follow her , I followed her to a corridor where there were vacant rooms of the hospital, she then asked me to wait and herself went into a room, one or two minutes latter she opened the door a little bit and signaled me to come in, I went in quickly, it was an empty room with a single bed there and chairs and stool and a toilet. She then unwrapped the entire pallu of her saree and stood in front of me with blouse and then lower ghaghra . The huge bun at her naked back without pallu was driving me crazy now and I without any hesitation unzipped my pant and took out my fully erect cock in front of her. She was amazed to see my 9 inch swollen monster, and said softly “ sahib jee itna bada aur motta hay aap ka, aap kee begum kaisay laitee hay under iss ko “ ( you have so thick and long dick , how your wife manages it ).

I made her sit on the stool and came close to her , she thought that I will make her suck my tool, but I instead moved behind her and touched the tip of my cock to her massive bun, she didn’t realize what I am about to do, but when I pushed my cock into her bun she said “ aap ko meray baal pasand hain kya” ( do you like my hairs ) I said yes since the time I had seen your big huge bun I am getting crazy for you, I love long hair woman.

She laughed at me , I kept pushing my cock into her bun , but it loosed open and her long dark hairs scattered at her back, she had good thigh length hairs and were extremely thick

I played with her loose hairs for a while then she asked me her self “ sahib jee aap kay loday pay judda bandh loon “ ( is it okay to fix a bun over you cock ), that was more than I wanted from her, she then fixed a tight bun over my cock, my 9 inches cock was completely buried inside her bun. The touch of her hairs and the heat of the bun over my cock , and also the touch of her fingers over my cock when she was fixing a bun was just too much for me and I couldn’t resist any more and exploded my 2 months deposited cum into her bun with full stream , she readily felt the warmth of my cum into her hairs and sait “ buss sahib jee itna hee, aap nay to meray saray baal ganday kar diayay , ub bal dhonay padain gay, koi baat naheen aap ache tarah tahnday ho jao “ ( that’s all for you, you made mess in my hairs, I need to wash them now, its okay though , go ahead and relieve yourself fully). Within a minute my entire cock was fully drained into her bun, even the last drop, and was beginning to shrink quickly, I pulled it out from her bun, she quickly gave me the pallu of her saree to clean my self, I cleaned my cock and zipped it back in. She then stood up shyly from the stool, probably looking to go to toilet to wash clean my mess into her hairs. I gave her 1000 rupees which she accepted with joy and asked me “ sahib jee koi bhee kaam ho meray say jaroor batana, aap bohat achay sahib ho” ( you need any service from me , let me know please, you are a very nice man )

I walked out of the room with a feeling of fear what if somebody had seen me with her, I am an executive of a multinational firm, it would put my position in jeopardy and also bad name for company, but luckily no body had seen me. The pleasure of her hairs was much more than any risk I had taken.

Next day Iwent to see my wife and didn’t see her , but the last day of my wife in hospital she came again for cleaning and gave me a shy look, I was afraid to be caught by my wife and any other family member. She went in the wash room for cleaning and came out after a while in a same way , with her pallur wrapped at her waist. But today she didn’t have any bun, instead she had made a braid, believe me a loose braid about 4 inches thick and was made up to hip length, the rest of the length of her hairs was wrapped into a big knot hanging like a pendulum at the end of her braid. All my fear and worries of being seen by any one with her were gone at once seeing that huge braid. She was sweeping and mopping the floor and the huge knot at the end of her braid was kissing and hugging her ass cheeks one at a time. This was just more than enough to make my cock wild, I signaled her when our eyes met and she quickly read my signal. I in the same way walked out of the room and waited for her at the same corner, she too finished her work and passed my by with a signal to follow her, I was walking behind her at a distance with my eyes stucked at her back seeing that thick black python like braid hanging at her back freely. We went into the room, she sat on the stool and unwrapped the pallu of her saree, and I quickly wrapped the braid over my fully hard monster, it was braid so thick that just 2 laps over my cock completely buried it. I rubbed it hard over my cock and strangulate my cock hard with the folds of her braid . I then asked her is it okay if I penetrate in your womanhood today, she said “ sahib jee aap ka lauda bohat bada aur motta hay , ahista ahista aram say dalna, “ ( your cock is just too big and fat , please insert slowly )

I said don’t worry , I will do it slowly, she stood up from the stool and took off her ghagra of the saree and laid on the bed with her legs spread wide, I took off my pants and laid over her and put my cock knob at her cunt, she had a dark cunt with bushy hairs over it. I pushed inside her slowly little by little, she accepted it with pain and yelled slowly

“ sahib jee ahista , ahista karo, warna mera surakh itna bada ho jaya ga kay meray ghar walay ko shuk ho ga kay main kissi aur say chudaya hay”

( plz do it slowly other wise my hole would enlarge in size and my husband will feel suspicious about me) .

I was at the peak of my pleasure, didn’t pay attention to her, she kept yelling with pain, but slowly her cunt provided the lubrication and she slowly started to moan with pleasure She couldn’t stay longer and cummed with heavy moaning and asked me to cum too, she requested me “ sahib jee bahar mut chootna, meray under hee chooto warna bed sheet kahrab ho jaayay gee aur hoshpital walon ko pata chul jayay ga, aap fiakr mut karo main sanbahl loongee aap ka chuttan “ ( plz don’t ejaculate outside other wise it would be a mess on the bed and hospital admn. would know , release inside me , I will take care ).

This was a great risk for me to ejaculate inside her but the pleasure took over the risk and I ejaculated with extreme pressure inside her, I don’t know how long I kept ejaculating in her till her woman hood sucked the last drop of my cum into it.

We both got apart then, she was getting extremely shy with me now, was not seeing into my eyes, I reminded her to take birth control pills, she said “ sahib jee aap ko iss say kya hay, agar bacah ther gaya to mera hee ho ga , aap pay koi ilzam naheen ayay ga, who mera hee bacha ho ga’ mera mun karta hay kay aap kee begum kee tarah ka mera bhee bacha ho”. ( don’t worry, even if I get pregnant , you wont be blamed, I wish if I have a baby like your wife just delivered)

I was worried with her statement, but I had no time to sit there and make her obey me, I

left after paying some money to her.

I was worried for few days , but then slowly I almost forgot about her and got busy with my new born.

Almost about 8 or 9 months after this incident I went to the same hospital to see my friend who got injured in an accident, I went to the sanitary department of the hospital and asked the lady about her, she first asked me why are you enquiring about her, I said I need some cleaning lady for my home and I liked her work when my wife was admitted here. She then told me that she is on maternal leave, my heart came to my throat, I went back to office thinking all the way whose baby that might be, may be her husband, not definitely me, after all she is a married woman, may be she might had given pleasure to some one else too beside me.

This question kept in my mind for long and kept worrying me, finally I decide to see her , I went to hospital, she was back from her leave, she was me from very far and quickly recognized me, came toward me happily and greeted me, I asked her about her absence from hospital, she agreed for being on maternal leave, she asked me to wait there, I waited there for few minutes , she came back with a baby boy, and asked me to concentrate on him, I viewed the baby boy about few months old, he had dark complexion like her mother but his features were definitely like me, she then asked the baby “ apnay abbu ko salam karo baita, tumharay abbu tum say milany ayay hain” ( say hye to your dad, your dad is here to see you )