To LOE !!!

by ilove_longhair

hey loe !!!

first of all let me congratulate u on ur wonderful efforts and ur passion to keep ur hair so long and lusturos..

well comin straight to the point several people find diff womens hair to be ultimate.. well for me ur the ultimate long hair godess.. well there is somethin about ur hair and the way u carry it thas got me captivated Straight Face

well i jus wanted to let u know how much i apprecita ur willing to show off to us ur pride and posseion... well i am sure that there might be many people out there in love with ur hair ... well i am damn sure tat i am the no.1 .. " the no.i fan " if i am allowed to put it tat way...

would love to get in touch with u and u would make my heart leap for joy if u would like to be my friend.. anyways would love to hear from u .. my e-mail is [email protected]

plz do hit me back..

i am sorry if i offended any of ur feelings and those of other people who visit this forum.. i dont wanna creat a conterversy.. so if there is somethin wrong that i have written plz be kind enough to forgive

long hair reigns

kevo !!!