look4settings [nl]

by pc

see if you can change the setting, on you phonecam, to

take more pics. that would make eack pic smaller in kb size.

[cell phones don't work, where i live, out in the n.e.texxxas country side]

a 512mb card, in my digital camera,

with it set to take 624 pictures

makes the pics, about 500kb,

more r less, depending on light. [3000 pixils wide]

ino...doesn't add up,,BUTT,,i took over 500pix at the last live fire training class, i taught/reported-on.....


it is a 5mb camera. that means each pic has 5,000,000 pixils.[in the default mode]

cut that in half and u r not loosing that much quality.

btw: i downsize or crop them for uploading to 100kbs, more r lezz....

[i/most are, still, on dial-up. won't b long and everyboody will be high-speed. it's cummin]

good luck getting a good pic.


my best street shot [she braided it, right in front of me. bout the only braid pix i have. longhair, 2me, is down]