Re: Registration at Chinalonghair

by Shoiab

Hello everyone...


On the main screen, just above the space for a username and password there are two small link buttons... the right one is for registered user login....... the left one is for new user registration.

Clicking on the new user registration link ( will take u to the TOU page.. just clickthe center button towards the end of the page

Fields in the next page ask for ur

1. User name

2. Gender

3. Password

4. Reconfirm Password

5. Password Reminder Question

6. Password Reminder Answer

7. Email address

Finally, i don't remember exactly whether the right button says "Done" and the left one "Retype" or it's in the reverse order... u'll have to try this... once registered u can log in from the main page link

by just entering ur username and password

There are several boards and each has a sepearte ID

for e.g.

and each board contains a great lot beautiful images of the loveliest hairs......... ENJOY