Re: Great job , Combrade

by Long Hair Society

Thank you! 👍🏼

I really did it because I’ve loved long hair since a very young age, probably around the age of 6, especially when a friend of my older sister would regularly ask me to brush her hair which was straight, very sleek and shiny and down to her waist. I loved it. I really think that beautiful long hair is one of the most gorgeous feminine traits a woman can have and I’ve known many women either in the real world or on social media who have such amazing long hair out of this world for it’s beauty and I’ve always thought long hair always looks best when it perhaps sacrifices some length for outright beauty, it’ll not only appeal to men but women also

Enjoy my content if you follow already and feedback is always welcome as I’m always looking to improve what I do and my goal is to not only match the 65,000+ followers of my last page, but beat it and do much more with it. Thanks 👍🏼