Re: Discussion on Outside Opinions

by The Tainted Devil

Well, I am now divorced, but I met my now ex wife in around November 2004 and I didn’t really tell her about my love for long hair for maybe 2 or 3 months. It’s fair to say I was beyond nervous telling her, but glad I did because she not only did she instantly like it, but told me she was going to cut her hair until I told her she then decided to grow her hair longer from mid back length. She grew it quickly to around tailbone length, but it wasn’t just that. She’d tease me with it like letting it down in front of me, saying things about it to me, even the first time I was with her in public (in a canteen of a university she taught at) after she knew I loved loved hair, she took my hands and put them in her hair as if to play with it. Then there’s the sex and the hairjobs.

We divorced in 2017, but she embraced my love for long hair and she had really gorgeous hair. It was naturally black, straight, reasonably thick, sleek and down to her tailbone.