Discussion on Outside Opinions

by James

Hi guys,

I'm going to first introduce myself and explain the motivation for why I'm asking these questions. You can skip down to the end for the questions if you want.

I, like you guys, have a long hair fetish. Technically, it might only qualify as a kink for me. When I was a kid, my underdeveloped brain thought of girls as the humans with long hair. I was always curious to see the longest hair length I could find on a girl. And once I discovered masturbation, I tried to experiment with ass and tits. But long hair has been the only sexual stimulus of mine that has been consistent.

I'm here because I'm a bit of a newbie at life. I'm going to graduate college soon, and I've never had anything close to a sexual encounter. Now this isn't a cry for help with my game. I'm smart, athletic, and fairly likeable. I know of a couple of girls who have expressed interest in me in my past. But for so much of my childhood I vehemently suppressed my sexuality to the point where my friends thought I was gay. When I graduate college and get a stable job, I plan to finally put myself out in the dating world and go for it.

I ask the following questions with a healthy and long-term relationship in mind. If I feel like you guys aren't considering the livelihood of your partner in your response, I'm not going to take your advice.


What's your partner's opinion on this fetish? Would be helpful to know at what point you told them and what length their hair is. I figure for me I'd probably want to tell them before any serious commitments. But it feels like a one-way street to me. Once you tell them, the dynamic is permanently changed, and you really can't just go back to being friends (though I would never really want to be around a long-haired girl platonically, that would be uncomfortable). I guess I'm just really concerned at being at all disrespectful to their choices or culture. I don't know if the dynamic of an intimate relationship supersedes this.

What's the outside opinion on your choices? I don't know of a person on Earth that knows of my thing for long hair. But I don't want to date a girl and feel the need to hide them from my family. I feel like if I even date two girls with abnormally long hair they're going to figure me out. This just makes me feel pressured to get it right the first time. Is this something that I'm just going to have to own?