Retired top 20 MFCammodel with bottom ass length long hair. I am cutting 8" off.

by AlexLady

I will be cutting my hair in the next month or two. 7-8" worth. It is so long that I accidentally sit on it or close it in doors behind me.

I am willing to make custom videos with my long hair, but my main intent of this post is to enable people with hair fetishes who want 7-8" of hair to have consentual hair for them to enjoy.

It is 300$ including discreet shipping.

You can contact me on Twitter or email me. Twitter is faster. First come, first clipped.

If you want custom videos including B/G videos, my man has a hair pulling and long hair fetish too. I just don't like accidentally sitting on my hair 😅 and I like enabling people with fetishes to have a consentual experience. I ENCOURAGE you to buy my hair and have your fun with it!