Real Experience

by VJ

Hey guys. This is my real experience. I travel a lot to different cities and am in Hyderabad for a work trip. I was to stay there for four days. On the first day, in the evening, I was strolling around the city and was very hungry. I found a place selling some snacks, so I went there to eat. There were few people there to eat. I saw only a woman apart from me eating there. Initially, I did not pay attention, but I saw she had a thick braid going to her knees. I started a conversation with her and complimented her hair. She was happy to hear someone appreciating it. She is from a nearby town working in a company as a receptionist. I asked her if she could show me around the city, and she agreed. Later, we went to her place, and she let me play with her hair. This was my first experience of this. I later thought it was risky, but I enjoyed it a lot. I took some pictures as well. We then met for the next three days.