Vote for More Longhairs

by LH Lover

Voting continues in the Crown Awards competition. The latest candidates are posted at the website Vote for the first time or vote again if you voted a week or so ago. There are a number of categories that rotate from week to week. Hair fans nominate, the site administrators pick five finalists per category and we vote. Don't miss out on this opportunity to vote lovely longhairs Crown Awards.

Here are my suggestions:

Best Curls: Johanna Grenaway. My nominee. Check out her Instagram page for lots of great photos of her hair curly and straightened.

Best Hairstyle in a Movie: No clear favorite, but I voted for Shailene Woodley.

Best Redhead: Jennifer Todryk of No Demo Reno is a knockout. My nominee. The photo they've posted isn't the best, but check her out here:

Newcomer of the Year: Tessa Rapunzel. No brainer.

Best Ponytail: Lakshmi Ambati. Super long braid.

Best Hair in Sports Reporting: Cynthia Frelund (my nominee)

Best Hair in Soap Operas/Telenovela. I nominated three of the finalists, but my vote goes to Avery Pohl and her beautiful waistlength hair.

Thank you in advance. This continues into March. I'll send another notice when the categories change.