Re: Do Eastern Euro women and Slavic women have the best hair genes in the world

by Anon

Hello, I live in Moscow. Since I am a student, I constantly take the subway and in the warm season I watch girls’ hair. I rarely go to Europe (especially because of recent events) and therefore I don’t know how things really stand there with long-haired girls. As for Russia, it’s true, I meet girls with fairly long and very long hair quite often. Both Slavs and representatives of other nationalities. Plus, I often began to notice Muslim girls in headscarves who had a large bulge on the back of their heads. As for the quality of hair and special genetics, I doubt that Slavs are very different from some Swedes or Germans in terms of hair genetics, it all depends on the person and on the care. Sometimes I meet girls with thick, voluminous hair, but mostly they have thin hair, like most people in the world. What about other nationalities, such as the Kazakhs, or various peoples of the Caucasus, then, in my opinion, they have genetically thicker hair. In general, you can even find information on the Internet that black hair is thicker and harder, and blond hair is softer and thinner. So this is true about long-haired Russians, but it’s more about the desire to be feminine, a different outlook on life, unlike Europeans, and hair care