Vote for Longhairs

by LH Lover

Today is the last day to vote in the current round in the Crown Awards voting is under way. Candidates are posted at the website There are a number of categories that rotate from week to week. Hair fans have nominated, the site administrators pick five finalists per category and we vote. Don't miss out on this opportunity to vote lovely longhairs Crown Awards.

Here are my suggestions:

Best Long Hair: Please, please, please for Pam Azerado. Check out her Instagram page for all the convincing you may need.

Makeover of the Year: I voted for Melissa Wolfe, one of the faces of JTV, Jewelry Television, but I wouldn't complain about Katelyn MacMullen of General Hospital. Both grew their hair longer, which counts as a Makeover, I guess.

Best Hair in Athletics: Marina Tucker is a doll -- bonus: I know her. She's a pro wrestler, most famously as Penelope Pink on WOW, the Women of Wrestling.

Best Brunette: Joyce Giraud has one of the most magnificent heads of hair on TV. She has hair care products on home shopping channels and she practices what she preaches.

Best Hair in Government/Politics: You may not agree with the politics of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, but she has the best hair among a subpar group of nominees.

Best Hair in Financial Reporting: Take your pick. I nominated and voted for Becky Quick of CNBC (I think), but I could support any of three or four.

Voting categories and candidates change Sunday. Thanks for your support.