A Job I am sure you would love

by Zed Carter

Nestled amidst the bustling streets of London's vibrant Soho district, a new haircare store named 'Mane Envy' had taken the city by storm, leaving its competitors in the dust. Its meteoric rise was no accident; it was the result of a meticulous strategy that combined market research, a unique hiring policy, and a passion for hair that ran deeper than follicles.

The founder of Mane Envy, a shrewd entrepreneur named George Hamilton, had conducted extensive research into the haircare needs and preferences of London's diverse population. He discovered that a significant portion of women were dissatisfied with the current offerings, yearning for products that not only nourished their hair but also enhanced its natural beauty.

Inspired by this insight, George decided to create a store that would cater specifically to women's haircare needs, offering a curated selection of oils, shampoos, and other hair accessories. However, he had a unique vision for his store's staff, a vision that would set it apart from its competitors.

George believed that women with long, healthy hair possessed an inherent aura of beauty and confidence, attributes that would resonate with his target audience. He made a bold decision to hire only female staff who met a strict hair length requirement – their hair had to reach at least knee-length and be thick.

This unconventional hiring policy raised eyebrows among some, who questioned its practicality and fairness. However, George remained undeterred, convinced that his vision would pay off. He personally embarked on a nationwide search, travelling to every corner of the country to meet potential candidates.

During these interviews, George's passion for hair took centre stage. He would meticulously examine each candidate's hair, gently running his fingers through its length and assessing its texture, thickness and shine. He would even brush their hair, creating a personal connection that went beyond mere aesthetics. He would style their hair as well.

For those who met the hair length requirement but were not selected for frontline positions, George offered them roles in the store's backend operations, ensuring their talents and contributions were valued.

George's unorthodox approach proved to be a stroke of genius. With their cascading tresses and infectious enthusiasm, Mane Envy's female staff became the store's ambassadors, drawing in customers and creating a buzz that spread like wildfire.

Men and women flocked to Mane Envy, not just for its high-quality products but also for the opportunity to admire and interact with the store's staff. They sought advice on hair care, styling tips, and product recommendations, eagerly soaking up the expertise of these hair goddesses.

As Mane Envy's popularity soared, George's satisfaction with his job grew. He relished the opportunity to combine his business acumen with his passion and lover for hair, creating a unique shopping experience that resonated with women across London.

Mane Envy's global expansion was nothing short of remarkable. With its unique hiring policy and a passion for hair that transcended borders, the brand had captured the hearts and hair follicles of women worldwide.

George, the visionary entrepreneur behind Mane Envy, continued to spearhead the company's international growth. His unwavering belief in the power of long, healthy hair and his meticulous approach to hiring ensured that the brand's success was replicated across continents.

With each new store opening, George embarked on another global adventure, personally travelling to Shanghai, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Bali, Moscow, and Istanbul to handpick the best saleswomen. His rigorous selection process involved assessing their hair length and quality, their passion for hair care, their hair stories, and their ability to connect with customers.

George's personal touch was instrumental in maintaining Mane Envy's high standards across borders. He believed that his presence was crucial in ensuring the brand's unique culture and values were instilled in each new team of saleswomen.

As the brand expanded, George's team of hair goddesses grew, reaching an impressive 200 saleswomen, each with minimum knee-length hair. Each one embodied the spirit of Mane Envy, their long, flowing hair and infectious enthusiasm becoming the brand's signature.

Across the globe, Mane Envy's top saleswomen embody the brand's commitment to empowering women through the beauty of long, healthy hair. Each saleswoman possesses a unique charm and connection to her heritage, reflected in her captivating hairstyle.


Amelia Rose Carter, the top saleswoman in London, exudes confidence and charisma with her flowing raven locks that cascade well below her knees. In Los Angeles, Isabella proudly embraces her Mexican heritage, styling her thick, lustrous hair in traditional braids and adorning them with vibrant ribbons.


Shanghai's Li Mei, a graceful and elegant saleswoman, embodies sophistication with her straight, jet-black hair that reaches her waist. Priya, the top saleswoman in Mumbai, radiates vibrancy and enthusiasm, often braiding her long, dark hair and decorating it with intricate henna designs.


Putu Ayu, the serene and spiritual saleswoman from Bali, reflects her connection to nature with her long, wavy hair that shimmers like the Balinese sun, often adorned with fresh flowers.


Svetlana Ivanova is a top saleswoman for Mane Envy in Moscow, Russia. She is a strong, independent woman who exudes confidence with her flowing golden hair. Svetlana is passionate about hair care and enjoys helping customers find the right products for their hair type. She is also a great advocate for Mane Envy's unique hiring policy, which requires saleswomen to have hair that reaches at least knee-length. She believes this policy sets Mane Envy apart from other haircare stores and helps create a unique and memorable customer experience.


And in Istanbul, Elif Sultan gracefully embodies an exotic allure with her long, dark hair that cascades down her back like a waterfall, often styled in intricate braids and adorned with traditional Turkish jewellery. Each saleswoman's unique style and connection to her heritage contribute to Mane Envy's global success, inspiring women worldwide to embrace their beauty and confidence.


Finally, in Mumbai, Priya Mishra flaunts her extremely thick, black, coarse long hair. Her braids are a delight to watch, very thick and heavy. She has been growing her hair since she was a child. Her sisters and mother share the same legacy. She is delighted with her job. She loves to guide and encourage other women to grow their hair.