Stephanie Zimbalist

by Smitten Kitten

Several posts were made on here some time ago mentioning Stephanie Zimbalist and Remington Steele.

Both were unknown to me.

I googled, and thought to myself, "My...she's fine!".

I found a site that has all past episodes of the TV series.

I am now half way through season two, and had to comment.

Stephanie Zimbalist...I am truly and hopelessly smitten! Oozing class, elegance and charm, breathtakingly beautiful, and...that MAGNIFICENT head of hair! So thick, soft and full of volume, what I'd do with it had I the chance!

Every single episode so far, I sit watching with a constant hard-on from start to finish, and have released countless times each time. I limit myself to one episode a day, to savour her and get the most out of my tribute.

I am embarassed to post this and reveal this rather sick phase that I am going through, but Ms. Zimbalist (it appears she was never married, what a shame) has truly become an obsession. I think of her constantly, and have now conjured hundreds of fantasies around her in my head.

I think I need help.

I'm sorry if this offends anyone.

A side note to end, Pierce B - just how SUAVE was/is he?!?