New Live Hair Model

by Cooper Website: Streammate

Hello Fellow Hair Lovers,

I have been talking with this model on stream mate for some time now. She is very very interested in doing hair fetish modeling for hair lovers like us. She is willing do hair brushing, braiding, flipping, ponytails, etc. I don't think she will do a lot if anything like hairjobs or nudity. Please don't be offended if she says no to this.

She just trimmed all the damaged ends off and is eager to grow it out extremely long. Her english is decent and is very smart. My opinion is to treat her right and she will treat you right. She won't handle a lot of BS so be cool and not creepy!!

At the time of writing this, she is not able to do gold shows. She needs to hit a few more 5 star ratings in private shows before she is granted that status. So please be sure to rate her 5 stars when done, so we can all enjoy hair related gold shows!! She will do this for reasonable rates if she sees large amounts of traffic making this requests for hair stuff.

Thanks guys and Hope you will take part.