by Seany Website: app.leonardo.ai/


Has anyone tried Leonardo AI with Photoreal pipeline with Alchemy turned on?

I have used various prompts, such as A sensual Rapunzel with floor-length hair, her steampunk-inspired outfit and accessories giving her a unique and stylish edge. full body portrait. Her hair reaches to her heels. Noctilux 2.8 lens, on Leica M9. Shutter speed 1/60.

It works really well. You can even specify camera Lens, F stop, Shutter speed etc. The greens are a bit suppressed than what I expect of a Leica.

**but** There is a big but.

Her updo's are nice. But the hair length will not cross mid back. I think this is a model shortcoming. But I want to know, did anyone test with this and succeed? Thanks.