Pity her website has been broken for a while

by Saul


Marianne was one of my favorite hair models since high school, back when she was first featured on Leona's old longhairportraits.com site - long, thick and luscious knee-length chocolate brown tresses on a white caucasian woman was perfection to me.

I never had an account on her website, but one time someone shared their account details, and some of my favorite galleries were:

- Valentine Day (Feb 2006): Dressed in a sleeveless red blouse and black pants, Marianne had her hair in a loose braid, and she posed herself yanking it above and to the side of her head in a particularly titillating manner.

- Wet Waves (?): Dressed in a light green-blue bikini, she slowly took her hair down from a braided bun, lowered herself into her bathtub, and let her wet hair frame her face and body like a mermaid emerging from the water.

- Crown of Hair (?): Dressed in a deep blue dress, she twisted and coiled her hair around her head, holding it in place with a bunch of little black butterfly clips before slowly letting it down again

- Braided Bun (?): 30 minute video of her taking her hair down from a braided bun in the bathroom. I must have creamed my pants watching the braid come apart at her nape dozens of times.

Unfortunately, this was back when cloud storage wasn't a thing, and I never saved my favorite pictures and videos before that borrowed account expired.

Her last update was in 2017/2018, when she shut down new user registrations but said there was "exciting news coming soon".

As of today, her website is still up, but opening any of the galleries leads to blank pages. I've tried emailing the webmaster Sylvia Ernst-Kuehn (sylvia@amazing-hair.de), but I never heard back from her regarding the broken web albums.

All I can do now is to just collect any photos of her I can find on Pinterest, and save it to my Google Drive for safekeeping.