Long hair mother part 3

by Linh jandy

Chapter 3

From the first uploaded video, raul often watches it over and over again, every time he has free time, he often watches it, in a week the views also increase slightly, but it still takes time to earn money, raul's mother everyday When she has nothing to do, she often goes to YouTube to watch movies or vlogs, sometimes she also goes to her son's channel to watch something, these days Raul is busy with homework and doesn't have time to record videos. , is also because her son is a final year student who also needs to study a lot. Just today, the day off, the mother and daughter had a chance to talk:

_ Are you tired of studying these days? We haven't made any more videos these days, and some people have commented.

_ It seems that you find the video we make is also very attractive to viewers. Probably due to the good recording quality with long duration up they like.

_ It's a good start, there are even commenters who want us to come out more.

_ If you go out, you must definitely go out, our family only has our mother and daughter, if we don't make more videos, where do we get the money to cover my mother's life?

_ so today is free, let's make a video, the other day there was a video of combing hair, braiding and bun, doing more will be boring. So today I will oil the gyro and turn it upside down.

_ yes! I also love watching you do my hair. I've never seen you work with your hair before, even your hair is so long and beautiful, you must have raised it for a long time.

_ It's been quite a while, I think it must have been since I was a student at that time, I had long hair, and since I met my father, I have not cut it again since then.

_ So mom has long hair related to dad?

_ Since I was a student, my mother's hair has been long and thick, maybe when my father met my mother, he was infatuated and infatuated with my mother's hair to have a child like now.

_ So that's it, I didn't expect my father to love my mother's hair like that, maybe because of my genes, I also fell in love with my mother's hair.

_ Devil, I'm old and passionate now, but I really like it.

_ so now prepare the comb and oil, I will prepare the filming equipment and then start filming.

_ that's OK! Anyway, it's convenient to take care of it, leave it overnight and wash it tomorrow, it will be good for the hair.

Mother and daughter prepared a few things together, after about 10 minutes or so, the two people, after preparing everything, appeared together in the living room of their house:

_ Are you ready mommy?

_ is also ready, now just need to shoot and broadcast.

_ so let's start.

Once started, raul prepare the best resolution phone, choose the best angle at which to shoot. Raul's mother put the things in front of her, first she untied her bun and put it on the bun, it fell behind her like an endless stream of black waterfall, then she took the prepared comb and started combing it. Make your hair less tangled first, because the video is limited in time, combing the hair also combs a few parts, after the tangle, she puts the comb back and then pours some nourishing oil on her hands and massages it on each scalp. , each hairline on her head, after applying oil, she used each finger to massage her head, until the nape of the neck almost everywhere massaged a little. After massaging her scalp, she poured oil into her hands to massage each strand of hair, stroking her beloved hair, Raul only had to choose a good angle to shoot, but he directly saw it. My mother is massaging and oiling her hair like that, it's also the first time, with such a passionate person who loves hair like you, it's really great, in this world or country, no one is lucky enough to see it. directly threshold such long and thick hair at almost a raul distance. After stroking and letting the hair absorb the oil for about 10 more minutes, she directly pulled her oily hair up, it was huge but also shiny because of the good oil. After all the work was almost done, raul also stopped the video, because after that there were no more moves to be done.

_ maybe I'll do it today mom, I'll post it later, what will you do with this shiny hair.

_ Do you think today's filming is a bit short? Right now, I just leave it like that, let it soak into each hair, before going to bed, I will comb my hair and then put it in a braid to go to bed, tomorrow I can wash my hair.

_ Doing so will attract more viewers, because I don't make too many videos, people will have to watch the old videos over and over again, which will make them look forward to each day to look forward to the new video.

_ so it is a strategy, the future income will depend on you. I think making videos isn't bad either.

_ Yes! I will try to shoot to release the best products.