Re: WTF is wrong with Spankbang? Please help!

by Furry

Try removing the "https://" if present in the address bar,

and if it's already absent try inserting it.

I've noticed in my GMail, if I type a link for someone and remove the "https://"

that the big automatic link picture disappears to leave only the link address itself, in blue,

underlined and active. Handy sometimes to minimise space and also to not

insert a big intrusive, premature title at the very top of YOUR text message.

The point is, changing a links text can change its method of operation.

If your State is censoring your content MAYBE a VPN MIGHT get round it by appearing to be somewhere else, tho' i'm guessing there.

Is there a HOT list, or blacklist or Whitelist ANYWHERE that contains Spankbang ?

also check any SafeSearch Settings ?

Your video posted here, and Spankbang in general, both working fine here in London.

Try contacting your internet service provider about State restriction ?

Try contacting support/moderator here, they're pretty good.