Real nice question

by Lucas

So, with me started when i was 5. At the School, seeing some gilrs hair use to be really attractive for me. And when they started brushing their hair on the class aways mande me, (don't know why at the time), but that mande me feel so good, a feeling that i never Felt before. Those was the First impressions. And then when i First Felt a girl hair scent was the closest i've for from a girl hair, and that was the First time i felt the sensation of arousal. Yes, at 5, and i don't know why so soon. Jumping some steps, when i got to the elementary School, i was more close to the girls from my class, and i started to play with their hair seating close to them. That was like paradise for me, was arousal but, at the same time was relaxing, was like an endless orgasm. An detail: ALL of these conceptions that i've came to describe to you guys, its my newest understanding of What i use to feel as a kid, that i couldn't describe at. the time. Back to the Topic: Most of the girls from my class use to ler me play with their hair, all I did was smooth and caress their hair, and they liked so much. I've never told anyone from my School, or my college about the fetish, but i was aways allowed to play with their hair. Some of them use to lay a bit on their chairs and throw ALL the hair on my table for me to play, sometimes when we was at the sometimes when we were at the back of the room or when the teacher showed movies for us to watch, I could lie on the table, smell the hair, hold it, and play, I would get all wet with precum. it was wonderful. when hair fell on my hands, I kept it in my pocket and masturbated at home it was incredible. So watching them combing, moving, turned me on a lot, smelling turned me on even more, and touching even more. that's how I started to discover my fetish. Shampoo advertisements also excited me and I masturbated in the bedroom, sometimes someone in the family would catch me off guard, I learned to do it at the right times. now a little back in time, before college i heard some classmates commenting on an excerpt of a line from the video the delicia deity "fuck my hair" and i had no idea if that could exist. they were laughing a lot talking about it and I was super excited imagining that I would look it up when I got home. so that was my first direct contact with ferish, the first hairjob porn I saw, delicia deity. so after that, i started asking the girls i dated to do a hairjob. the first girlfriend just let me rub myself on her head in clothes. the second girlfriend the first time she let me do a hairjob, she stopped wearing her underwear, then I could do without and make fun of her hair. since then, whenever I go to have sex with a girl, I ask her and she lets me, most of them at least. not only that, associated with the excitement that it caused me to see a girl brushing or combing her hair, I wanted to smell a comb or a brush for the first time. When I was younger I masturbated with my clothes on, smelled my cousin's pillow, and rubbed myself on the pillow until I reached orgasm. Now back to the brush part, when I smelled a girl's brush and comb for the first time, it turned me on a lot, and yes, I masturbate and masturbate using this too if a girl lends it to me. for some it may seem painful but I assure you it is not. It's extremely tasty, especially when the girl uses the comb or brush a lot, and the smell lasts longer, or when the brush has a lot of hair in it, the orgasm is great. so that's it, that way I met my fetish.

Try jerking using a hair brush Full off hair, or a comb or some hair elastics, smelling It before jerking with.