Re: Origin Story?

by Taylor

For me, it started when I was a kid with a racoon tail and other scraps of fur we had around the house. They felt great against my skin. There was a lot of great, long hair on TV in the early 70s when I was hitting puberty, and I saw my share of it in Playboy and Penthouse as well. Then in 1975 or so there was a letter in the Penthouse Forum section called "Hair Streaker" from a guy who loved cumming in his girlfriend's long hair. That letter must have struck a nerve with other Penthouse readers because several more letters appeared in the next year or two. Those letters really excited me, and I was off to the races as far as hair is concerned. Unfortunately, not too many girls in my high school had long hair. These were the days of Dorothy Hamill wedge cuts. My junior year I had a girlfriend and we were fucking a bit -- I tried sticking my dick in her short hair, but it didn't do much for me. My senior year I finally got a girlfriend with wonderful thick and wavy carrot-red hair to her ass. She was a few years younger than me, and her older brothers didn't like me very much, so we never got too serious. But we would go parking and make out and I'd rub the ends of her hair against the bulge in my jeans with one hand. I remember her asking me what I was doing but I was too shy to tell her.

Someone else wrote that his second fetish is eating pussy. I love the idea of getting a hairjob while I'm eating pussy -- 69 style!