Turning Back the Clock!

by Dhruv

I love this site.

When there's nothing new on here, or I'm fully up to date, I often spend any free time I have on the "Random Topics" - refreshing again and again, and going to any interesting topics that pops up on there.

I was doing the same today, just as I have done hundreds of times before. And for the first time, I noticed the numbers at the end of the link. I tried different topics, and noticed how the numbers changed...and it hit me - those numbers represented the sequence number of posts on this forum. Which was exciting!

So, fellow long hair enthusiasts, old and new, here is the VERY FIRST POST ON THIS FORUM:


It's dated 24 Apr, 2002. Twenty three years ago! That's freaking AWESOME!!!

Three cheers for Ninja for giving us this platform to shair our love!

I changed the last digit(s) one by one by adding one each time, just out of curiosity. Some interesting finds:

- Post number 8, was by the Goddess Penny Lynn! She was relatively active on this site from the very start it seems.

- The late, great, PC's first post here was Post 18. RIP PC.

- I went up to Post 100, trying to see where THE GOAT (Goddess of All Time) for me, Anya, made her first appearance. No luck yet - will continue from 101 another time.

Thanks again Ninja, this forum is awesome, and has out-lasted all the others!