Re: Origin Story?

by Brandon

I didn’t start with a hair fetish, it kinda grew / happened as I indulged in my 2 other fetishes. 

Ok let’s start from the start. 

Around the time I hit puberty (12 or 13), I had a huge lifelong crush on my English teacher at that time, Ms. Penny. She had a perfect bob, never a single hair out of place. While I thought then she had pretty hair (always looked so soft, healthy and thick), it didn’t arouse me as such. What aroused me was her boobs (which is my fetish number one), and the whole package. She had big tits, and always wore tight fitting clothes to accentuate them and her shapely ass. She was petite, slim, but with an hourglass figure. Always smelt great, and wore makeup that was not too much, but really brought out her pretty as a peach and cute as a button good looks. She was a great English teacher, and super, super kind and nice. Oriental, in her late twenties and still single at the time. I used to have a stiffy every time in her class, would sit right at the front and just go gaga when she wrote on the board, seeing her tits and ass bounce. I used to jack off to her at least 2-3 times every single day, and now, almost twenty years later, still do so almost every other day. I still see her once in a while, she still looks hot AF and I still immediately get hard for her. If only we were the same age, she would have been my perfect life mate. 

Enough of Ms. Penny for now (though you can see I can go on and on about her - she’s “been” with me more than 20 years!).

The hair thing started in Uni. I was going out with a girl with big boobs (all the girls I have been with are that way), with massive nipples to compliment them. She had brunette hair to her waist, soft, thick, slight waves at the end. Amazing hair. As we got to know each other sexually, we figured out she liked her boobs and nipples played with as much as I liked playing with them. And slowly, hair play came into boob enjoyment. I would caress her boobs with her hair “in the way”, hence caressing the simultaneously, and she would say she liked the feel of her own hair on her boobs. So over time I milked it (literally!) - using her hair to play with her boobs and nipples, using it like a soft brush on them, which really got her worked up. Her nipples, like a raisin pre-arousal, would grow to twice its size with all the hair and nipple play. Over further time, I managed to imply to her that the feeling of her hair on her boobs and nipples might feel the same for me on my thighs, balls and dick. She was happy to indulge, and slowly hairjobs also became a norm in our sex life. It was an amazing awakening. 

Unfortunately, while the sex was amazing, that was the height. In other ways we were not compatible, and after 3 years together we broke up. 

The 15 or so years since then, I’ve had a dozen or so partners. All had a common theme, big boobs and hair mostly BSL length, some longer, some bob (in tribute to Ms. Penny!). And always where possible, I would combine boob / nipple play with their hair. Not once did the girl not enjoy that themselves. With some I also did/got hairjobs, some I didn’t. And I loved playing with hair, looking at it when we were out, and was always the thing I noticed in every woman I met, apart from boobs. So, this phase, I knew I also had a hair fetish to go with the boobs one. And when I jacked off to Ms. Penny, I imagined playing with and coming on her bob, which I never fantasized earlier when I was actually seeing her in school everyday. 

And now fetish number 2. I love going down on women. I love pussy. And I have had for many years now a strong craving to combine my pussy and hair fetish as I did with my boobs and hair one. To be with a woman who's hair is long enough that I can use it like a brush to play with her pussy, tickle her clit, stuff into her pussy; all while I am eating her out. To use the ends of her hair to soak up her pussy juices, and then lick them off and savour it's sweet nectar. And the ultimate - to fuck a woman's pussy while her hair is also in it. This remains a dream - I have never been with a woman with hair long enough to do this. It is now the goal.

So yeah, boobs, pussy and hair. That's me.

And to end, I echo Longhairlover85's comment to you, Hoosier - what are YOUR answers to your questions?