Re: Re: Meana Wolf-looking young Norwegian girl

by Longhairlover85

No way to reach her yet, she is considering an Onlyfans account at this moment. I have told her extensively about the hairfetish community, and she is very very curious and interested to show her hair!! She made those pictures and vids for me to upload here, to see if there is interest. She is not a greedy girl, but needs to know she can at least get SOME small income from this before investing the time.

I am trying to convince her to do it, and I need help from you guys! Laughing She will have me to help her make the right pictures and videoes that look exactly like we want it! She is also willing to make pictures and maybe some videos by demand.

She wants to remain anonymous because she is just (a very cute!!) «normal» girl next door with normal life and dont want her network or family to know what she is doing