by Taylor

Thanks for the detailed description, Many! You're a very lucky guy!

With all that hairplay, it's amazing you haven't moved to hairjobs yet. My suggestion would be that when she's blowing you and her hair is flowing all over your body, make sure you tell her how great her hair feels against your skin. Maybe she'll get the idea.

I know you said that neither of you is really into giving traditional massages, but if you can give her a chin massage, maybe she can give you a hair massage? Start on your stomach and have her run her hair over your back, etc. Tell her how amazing it feels. Maybe she'll tell you to flip over so she can do your front.

Finally, I love the feeling of my wife's medium length hair on my face, especially when she's riding cowgirl. I have told her it feels like my face is having an orgasm. That might give her a hint, too.

Best of luck!