Vote for Longhair beauties

by Longhair lover

Voting is under way for the annual Crown Awards on the site Follow this link to the site and please vote for the following.

Best Long Hair: Pammela Azeredo. Pammela has the most amazing long hair of all the nominees and should have been considered for multiple awards. (Note that Gohar S has been nominated but has hacked her hair to her shoulders. She should not be nominated.) Here is Pammela's Instagram page: Do yourself a favor and check out her page.

Makeover of the Year: Angelinka Balerinka - She grew out her bangs and looks amazing. You might not know it by the photo they have on the site, but you can check out her Instagram page.

Best Hairstyle on Television: I voted for Rachel Lefevre, a gorgeous redhead with curly hair.

Best Hair in Athletics: I voted for Sara Rotondo, but there are a couple others who deserve consideration.

Best Brunette: Joyce Giraud. A former Miss Puerto Rico, she makes a living selling hair products while showing off her amazing hair on shopping television. Check out her Instagram page. (I repeat: Gohar S has hacked her hair to her shoulders and should not have been nominated.)

There are a few other categories, but the four above need support for longhair beauties.

New categories will be posted on the site on Tuesday so don't delay. Vote today!

Thanks in advance.