Re: Best way to be intimate with hair?

by Manu

My wife has brunette hair down to the small of her back. While it is not super long, it is very soft and thick all the way to the ends and all at the same length. Mainly straight, it gets a bit more wavy at the ends, more so if the moisture levels in the air are higher (I really like this “natural” change to her hair “waviness”, based on ambient conditions – she can go from arrow straight to large curls, naturally).

We have been married 15 years. As she knows (but not the full extent) how much I like hair in general and long especially (although it does not always have to be long, as long as it is “sexy” (many times there are long hair that I do not find “sexy”)), and as she also knows by now what hair is “sexy” to me (to the point when we are out and about and she sees someone with hair she thinks I will like, she will point it out to me and ask if I indeed find it sexy, just to “test” herself. :o) ), she is happy to let me play with her hair, both in public and also in private. But I have never told her my ultimate fetish (ie hairjob and/or cumming in her hair), and she has never given me one, nor have I ever come in her hair (or even her face for that matter, to have the chance to “accidentally” get some on her locks).

My favourite position with her is doggy. And while doing so, I love to first collect her hair with both my hands in a ponytail, and then hold it with one hand while I lean forward for the other hand to cup her boobs and plays with her nipples; all while thrusting in and out of her pussy continuously. She really likes this combination too, and has told me many times she likes her hair pulled in this way and encourages me when I do so. And after we both come, she will usually flop from her doggy pose and just rest on the bed, and I will be on top of her. I love to then bury my face in her hair, revelling in its smell and feeling it’s softness as I nuzzle her hair with my face. This is especially sensual after we have both come, and she likes this end to our lovemaking as much as I do.

Her favourite position is riding me in the cowgirl position. It really gets her to orgasm strongly as she is in total control – both depth and speed. Especially if I lift my head forward just before she comes and after she’s been riding me for a while, to lick and suck on her nipples while she continues riding me to orgasm. She loves this. On her part, to ensure my “follicle satisfaction” in this favourite position of hers, she will often hold her head down so that all of her hair falls forward and covers hers face. This is nice when I am lying back on a pillow, just admiring the view as she rides me. And when I sit forward to lick and suck her nipples, she will cover both of us with her hair. Sometimes I will put both hands around her neck to collect her hair behind her neck or on her head, and then after she bounces on me a few times, I will let it go, so it falls over us again. When she comes (and I often do too with her), we both fall back on the bed, she will lie on me, and I enjoy first getting all her hair back behind her, and then just stroking it while we are both hugging each other.

Apart from our respective favourite positions as mentioned above, here are some of the other things we like to do:

• One thing where we are both not compatible is massages – we both like receiving but neither likes giving. So here too, my love for her hair has provided a solution, which we call a “chin massage”. It is where she is lying face down on the bed, and I climb on top behind her. I massage her back, shoulders, waist, bum, etc with my chin, a lot of the time with my face nuzzling in her hair. Occasionally I will collect her hair and hold in on her head, and then kiss and gently nibble on her exposed neck. She really gets wet when I do this as her neck is one of her erogenous zones. And I am also rock hard from the chin massaging and hair nuzzling, which she can of course feel as I move around and rub against her. This is our form of foreplay to get each other worked up, before moving to either one of our favourite positions, as described above.

• I am very lucky – my wife loves sucking my cock (I have never come in her mouth though!), and of course I am quite happy to have her do so! Our two favourite positions to do this:

o With her on her knees kneeling in front of me while I am standing, and me running my hands through her hair and/or holding her hair in a ponytail while she is blowing me. We take turns doing the work – between her moving her head in and out while my cock is stationary, and me holding her head stationary (with hands in her hair) as I thrust in and out of her mouth.

o My wife is a tease and loves to tease me with her hair; and the second blowjob position is purely for her to indulge in that (and to my benefit too!) It is the “traditional” blow job, with me lying down and her sucking on my erect cock. Where the “hair indulgence” comes in is the elaborate sequence she goes through to “prepare” for blowing me. She will spend an unnecessary length of time running her fingers through her hair, and then collecting/gathering her hair and using a scrunchy (she always comes prepared my wife!) to put her hair in a ponytail or loose bun. She puts on this “getting-her-hair-out-of-the-way-before-she-finally-gets-down-to-sucking-me” show purposely to tease me, as she knows I love watching her do it. Which I do. And, she knows, at some point, while she is still sucking me, I will lift my upper body and reach out to release her hair from the ponytail/bun and continue the task of keeping her hair out of the way using my own hands instead of the now discarded scrunchy, and then after a while just releasing her hair as it falls around my groin as I lie back again. And when I do this, of course, invariably, some of her hair will come in contact, if I’m lucky, with my cock. This is the closest I come to a hairjob. The number of times I’ve wanted to wrap her hair around my cock, or ask her to do it, I really cannot count. But I never have. I always wonder if she secretly wants to too… Maybe one day…

• Very soon after we got married, a close couple friend of ours had their wedding too. My wife decided to have her hair up for the dinner reception, and had it done at her usual hair saloon (who do a great job of taking care of her hair, including when she does highlights). She looked amazing (not just her hair, but the whole package), and as we were about to leave our place that evening to head to the reception, I told her so. She liked that and we embraced. And she could feel how hard I was. She was surprised. And she asked why I was so aroused. And I made the “mistake” of telling her it was from seeing her pretty long hair up in a beautiful updo like that. It was a “mistake” because she replied saying “Well in that case I’m sure you’ll enjoy helping me get it all down again later” (and then kept teasing me about it the whole evening in a thoroughly sensuous way!). I swear I had a hard-on from that moment before we even left our home and all through dinner and the party! And she loved sneaking feels of my hardness all through the evening too. Luckily no one noticed (At least not that we know!)! We both love dancing and there was a lot of it that evening, including slow numbers towards the end. Dancing so close together, my hard-on poking into her, she really took the teasing up a few notches. The whole time we were slow dancing she kept whispering naughty things into my ears – like “It’s almost time for you to get to take my hair down”, “Are you going to be rough with me or are you going to take it down gently?”, “Do you want me on my knees sucking you off while you let my hair loose?”. She had driven me to the point of sexual insanity by the end of the evening. We knew beforehand there was going to be a lot of booze that evening (and there was!) so we had arranged upfront to take a room at the hotel. So we didn’t have too long to wait after the evening’s festivities to make our way to our room and commence the “releases” – us from each other’s sexual build-up and me of her updo. And I took my time with it, not only because I wanted to, but also because I had to. While the hairdresser had used a lot of hairspray (which had not made her hair hard – it was still as soft as ever. And smelt divine! I can still smell it to this day…) to keep all her hair (and she has a lot!) in place the whole evening, there were also still a lot of hairpins involved. So I took my time removing each and every one, taking time in between for some serious kissing, feeling, petting. And when my hard work was finally done and her hair was all loose again, we had a truly amazing night.

And since that day, my wife puts her hair in an updo or bun occasionally whenever she feels naughty and wants to tease me. Whether we’re just lounging at home, or when we go out – meeting friends, doing groceries, to the movies, whatever. And she’s perfected even further her teasing and sexual innuendo until we get to the eventual moment of “release”.

We’ve also found a “simpler” way to indulge in our mutual enjoyment of bun/updo play. My wife does not wash her hair every day. So on the days she doesn’t, she puts it up in a lose bun while she showers/baths. And when I’m feeling frisky, I’ll wait for her to finish and come out of the shower (wrapped in her large towel), and then intercept her short walk to her dressing table, before having my way with her. I’ll turn her around, kiss her all around her neck (which from above you know she loves) which is fully exposed since all her hair is still on her head in a nice big loose bun, and then gradually release her from the confines of her towel to be able to take things a notch further. I’ve made her come just from this sequence many times over the years; with me dressed the whole time as I kiss and nibble on her neck, with frequent glances at her bun, with my rock hard cock poking into her, and with my fingers around her boobs and/or in her pussy…

I really enjoyed writing this. Had a hard-on the whole time. :o)

I am really lucky. I have an amazing wife whom I love very much. And now that I’m done with this long write up, and seeing the state it’s left me in, I think I’ll go find her right now and show her just how much I do… :o)